Scouting tomorrow’s talents! NovaJobs is reaching new territory with the project «CAMPO».

We seek new talents to build up focused advanced training and extensional education for our existing staff. We implement behavioral and personality tests. With these assessments we optimize the chance to entering the most fitting opportunity.

«Team dynamics and performance identification!» Where do they fit – as maverick or team member?

We build on long term partnerships and focused education with the talents available. In cooperation with our local and international partners we encourage sustainable development of IT specialists – targeted especially for the Pharma and Chemical industries.

The large benefit of CAMPO is that there are certified specialists that are able to fill up individual vacancies. Due to their intensive education they easily fit into job and project openings and complete them excellently. The general requirements of the candidates are especially developed with our partners.

• Recruitment of specialists for high level job positions
• Career opportunities for young talents
• Personal coaching / briefing
• Continuous education
• Human capacity and knowledge hub


«At NovaJobs, recruitment is not just placing a vacancy!»

We’ll work with you to find the perfect position that is a good fit with you, the business and the cultural environment.

It’s a thorough and comprehensive process that’s designed to make sure there’s a perfect fit between you and your prospective employer. By offering a consultative approach we form a three-way mutually beneficial business relationship between you, us and our client.

Our consultants fully understand our client’s requirements and will work closely with you to explore and match your capabilities, personal strengths, skills and experience. They will work with you in close partnership from the point of first contact throughout the process of your search. They will help you to make the right career decisions and will continue that guidance and support right through to offer stage and beyond.

• We enjoy characters with passion
• We like to learn from others
• We encourage personal development and advanced trainings


Strategic Partnership with november ag




To find the best IT talents our clients need recruitment specialists with contacts in the global market.

«It is a battlefield to recruit the best talents – especially these those skilled in the chemical-pharmaceutical and biological industry!» – Mr. Luciano Sticca, Head of Human resources at NovaJobs.

Recruits must have extensive knowledge in Science and Biology as well as working knowledge in an English environment.

In Switzerland, recruits can expect the best employment packages in the world. Offering excellent career progression possibilities, best payments, superb and safe environment with a very high living standard in the center of Europe.

«Postdoctoral programs are excellent opportunities to get deeper understanding of scientific processes»

Our Partners provide postdoctoral programs with great Mentorship.

Luciano Sticca

Head of HR, Member of Executive Board


Do you need resources for your IT project? We have a large network and we’re specialized and therefore able to provide qualified manpower for all kinds of IT positions! Contact us and tell us what your specific needs are.

With the proper pre selection methods in place, you can cut HR expenses and land the right candidate the first time.

«We sure will find a good solution for you!»

Head Scouting

We provide recruitment solutions to help you to optimize the potential of your projects. It is our goal to help to identify the capabilities you need and improve HR strategy.

«Discover how we can support you to acquire successful executive Managers.»

The search for a management competence is finely targeted and very confidential. Whereas specific advertising might not attract the right candidates, we can access our large network in the industry and acquire candidates that are not actively searching a new position.